Friday, June 14, 2013


My next assignment before starting in on my next long-form project is a quick fill-in issue for Mike Carey's Suicide Risk series, published by BOOM! Studios. It will be out in September.

Before Leo, before Memento Mori, before Diva…there was Ada Robins. When superpower slinging dealers Jed and Hailey find Adaa kindhearted, if downtrodden mother of twoshe had been watching her life fall apart in slow motion decades now, with no hope of putting it back together. Life having primed her for Jed and Hailey’s Faustian bargain, Ada finds herself at the moral crossroads finally have the freedom from crushing responsibility, or keep her beleaguered family together? And what’s stopping her, if she really thinks about it, from just having…both? A standalone tale perfect for new readers. 

In Shops: 9/4/2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

HELHEIM #6 cover; plus, art for sale at Cadence

All the remaining art for Helheim #s 1-3 is now with Cadence Comic Art and for sale exclusively through them. You can find it all here through the link. They also currently have the full set of Phantom Variant covers, and will be handling Helheim art sales from here on out.

The series is now completely drawn! #4 came out this week, and so we'll be done as scheduled in July. Here is the cover to #6, colors by Nick Filardi.