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Arya Stark and her Direwolf/Emerald City Prebooking

Daily Doodle for 2/22/11, featuring characters from Game of Thrones.

By the way, Emerald City Comic Con is a less than two weeks away. It is being held in Seattle on March 4-6. More info on their site.

Jamie S. Rich and I are splitting an Artist's Alley table again this year. I will be sketching at the show, and will take on as many each day as I can handle. If you want to book ahead, however, you can drop me a line at joellejonesart[a]gmail[dot]com. When you order before the show, I work on the drawings at home and so they are a bit less rushed than on the con floor. I tend to price my con commissions just under my regular commission set-up. Prices on the floor will be $30 black-and-white, $60 color (I don't usually do much color at cons, so that especially would be good to preorder). These would be basically for one figure, $10 more per character.

Order now, pick up and pay at the convention.

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The Portland Opera has been inviting comics artists out to watch their dress rehearsals. Then the aritsts sketch what they see and the opera company uses it to promote the show. This week, we got to see Puccini's Turandot. The whole gallery is up on their site. My four drawings are below.

Also be sure to check out Mike Russell's minicomic about the evening.

It was a lot of fun. Thanks to Portland Opera for having me.