Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Arya Stark and her Direwolf/Emerald City Prebooking

Daily Doodle for 2/22/11, featuring characters from Game of Thrones.

By the way, Emerald City Comic Con is a less than two weeks away. It is being held in Seattle on March 4-6. More info on their site.

Jamie S. Rich and I are splitting an Artist's Alley table again this year. I will be sketching at the show, and will take on as many each day as I can handle. If you want to book ahead, however, you can drop me a line at joellejonesart[a]gmail[dot]com. When you order before the show, I work on the drawings at home and so they are a bit less rushed than on the con floor. I tend to price my con commissions just under my regular commission set-up. Prices on the floor will be $30 black-and-white, $60 color (I don't usually do much color at cons, so that especially would be good to preorder). These would be basically for one figure, $10 more per character.

Order now, pick up and pay at the convention.

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Pedro said...

Ha, making my way through "A Storm of Swords" for the first time. Diggin' the wolf.