Saturday, September 1, 2007


That title will be a lot funnier to those of you who went to the masquerade at Comic Con this year. Say it out loud in a slow, ostentatious manner, and maybe you'll hear it.

Anyway, here are a few commissions I've done of the Endless. Delirium and Dream were actually done at conventions.

Thanks to Rob for sending scans of those two. If you have sketches that I've done at conventions that you don't think I have copies of and you have access to a scanner, please send them to the gmail address.

The picture below came out quite nice, I think. I'm thumbnailing it here because it's wide, but you can click on it to go to a larger version at Jamie's Flickr account.



Meow said...

This is the best Delirium-drawing I have ever seen! *heart*

*Adri* said...

I cannot believe it! those are my favorite 'Sandman' characters and your version is so awesome! I love them!! :D

I really like your work, you are really talented.


LenAine said...

Waaaa! *O* that's cool! I like your style.. and the way you use the indian ink.. I hope to learn soon to use it just like you xD

Good job!