Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hi, everyone. Jamie here, writing on behalf of Joëlle. I handle a lot of her commissions and art sales, and I wanted to update everyone on some things.

First, we have an updated price list that includes the original art from 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, the first Popgun story, and details on Joëlle's commissions. You'll see it in the sidebar here on the blog, to the right of this post.

Second, we are trying a little experiment and I have put up three pieces of art on eBay: Joëlle's Gen13 group pin-up and two pages from 12 Reasons. You can see these auctions at my seller's profile here. Please note that even though I am running these auctions, all the money goes to Joëlle.

Third, for anyone in the Dallas area, both Joëlle and I will be attending CAPE again this year to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. Check out the CAPE website. Other guests this year include Chynna Clugston, Gail Simone, Jason Pearson, David Mack, and tons more. The event is on May 3, and if you want to book a drawing ahead of time, please inquire at

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Joëlle for letting me butt in here on her blog.

- Jamie S. Rich


steve said...


Any interest in those characters I sent a ways back?

Jamie S. Rich said...

Oh, right! I forgot about that list. I'll remind her. I still have it. Let me know if anything has changed or if anyone has jumped up in the queue for you.

I hope you're well.

Anonymous said...

Jake Kasch here, visited Stumptown Comic con in portland oregon today. Picked up 12 Reasons... liked it very much but was sad when I realized that it was probably not non-fiction. I'm going to go on believing it was true =)

Love your art. Take care