Tuesday, October 7, 2008


UPDATE: Off-site bidding by proxy info is now available. Bidding starts tomorrow, October 16 and lasts through midnight October 25.

October 26 is the third-annual Wonder Woman Day. Organized by Andy Mangels, the day consists of auctions and events in Portland, OR, and Fleminton, NJ, and are intended to raise money for women's shelters and crisis hotlines. Comics artists of all varieties are donating Wonder Woman art to the cause. You can read more about it and see the art pieces at the event website.

I have contributed a painting to the Portland auction.

It's oil on canvas and measures 11" X 16". You will be able to bid on it online, check back at the site closer to the date. (October 16, I think, bidding opens...?)


Jamie S. Rich said...

I lost this auction, but could only bid online due to other commitments. Was the winner anyone that hangs around here?

Jon said...

I bid on it too!

Jon said...

I won the painting! I forgot to include the info in my post. I haven't seen it because I am not at home but I loved the jpg anyway!