Friday, May 22, 2009


This is just a reminder that there are still plenty of original art pages for sale from the books I have worked on. In the sidebar to your right, you will find a downloadable pdf of the pages and prices, as well as details on my commission prices. Right now is a particularly good time for me to sell art, as I am saving up to attend Comic Con. Like last time, too, I will take orders before the show for pieces I can work on at home and deliver to you there.

In addition to the art on the list right now, the next time we update it, the list will include the following, which have just become available:

* Portland Noir story - pages 1, 2, and 5-13 are all $50 each.

* Popgun volume 3 story, "The Jailhouse Swing" - pages 2-8, $100 each

The pages are black-and-white, no lettering.

Madman Atomic Comics #16 and You Have Killed Me pages will go on sale when the books do, so if you pick up the comics and see something you like, feel free to e-mail ahead.

Please e-mail regarding purchase to joellejonesart[at] so we can confirm availability of the art before settign up payment. (Most likely you'll end up talking to Jamie; sorry, that's the way it goes.)

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