Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hey, all.

Busy times around here. Dr. Horrible is all done, and pencils for Madame Xanadu are well under way. Hence the lack of updates. It's all about the work these days.

In the meantime, Jamie has updated the side bar with more purchasing info. First, the art and commissions price list now includes all available pages for You Have Killed Me. Even the cover. [Edit: Never mind. The cover sold!]

We have also started a gallery at Comic Art Fans where you can look at the pages and see the prices. A bunch of pieces are already up, including pages from all the graphic novels and from the Popgun stories, same prices as they are in the sidebar pdf. Click on the link to the right, or just click here to see it. This gallery will primarily be used to display interior art, while the Etsy store will be more for single illustrations, etc.

Speaking of CAF, browsing around the "Joelle Jones" tag, this Dr. Horrible piece from Comic Con popped up:

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