Monday, December 7, 2009

DR. HORRIBLE - for sale and for charity

Republished 12/7/09 - Mercury now offering shipping on the package with my art. Details here

Hey, everyone. The Dr. Horrible comic book is out and has been getting good reviews. The most recent is from Erik Henriksen, who in addition to being a comics writer himself (anyone see his Warriors: Jailbreak comic last summer?), is an editor and writer at the Portland Mercury. It just so happens that the Merc is running a charity auction and they are auctioning off a packet of stuff from Dark Horse that includes the art for page 6 of the comic.

Check out the Dr. Horrible page 6 auction here! Though it says no shipping, they will send the items for an extra $25.

One of my other publishers, Oni Press, is also part of a package that includes every comic they'll publish in 2010, which one assumes will include Spell Checkers! Bid here.

For those who want to buy pages from Dr. Horrible, we still have some left. To determine which page is the one you want, start counting from page 1, and skip ads. If you want to be sure, a brief description when you e-mail joellejonesart[a] will make sure we know we are talking about the right page.

Price & Availablity - Dr. Horrible

$80 - pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 8
$90 - pages 15, 19, 20
$100 - pages 5, 13, 16, 24
$110 - pages 21, 23
$125 - pages 9, 17, 22

All art is approximately 11 X 17, black-and-white, no lettering.

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