Monday, March 1, 2010

Preview the first 22 pages of SPELL CHECKERS

Including four pages by me.

Read the full preview at the Oni Press site.

Now is a good time to preorder the book. It's available through all comic shops, bookstores, and e-tailers. If going to a comic book store, the Diamond order code is FEB10 1049; ISBN is 978-1934964323.

Spell Checkers is actually the featured indy book from our friends at Things from Another World.

Also, check out this cute drawing Nico did of myself, him, and Jamie for the bio page in the book:

Joëlle, Jamie & Nico
Click for larger sizes


Amanda C. Davis said...

I loved the art in Dr. Horrible to death, and now Spell Checkers looks great. Please keep being awesome. :)

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wholesaleoilpaintings said...

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