Monday, May 16, 2011

Some pages on eBay...

Heads up, there are a couple of original pages for sale on eBay. I have some traveling coming up, and wanted to raise a little cash. I thought this would be a good way to goose some sales. There is a page from Madame Xanadu and one from Ultimate Spider-Man currently listed.

Opening bids are lower than normal, the buy-it-now prices are what they've been listed for prior--so bid and maybe you can save some money!

Want some different pages? Remember, I have a pdf on the sidebar of this page listing pages currently available and prices for art from all my books, and you can also browse the Xanadu and Spidey pages at my Comics Art Forum gallery. I don't currently have a list of prices for Troublemaker, but inquire if you are interested in a particular one.

To go with these eBay sales, for the rest of May, if you e-mail for original art and mention this blog post, we will take 10% off the listed price. That means you have plenty of time to pick other pages of mine at a discount if you don't win these auctions. (Though, fair warning, we may list more on eBay depending on how these do.) Postage for art pages is $10 U.S., $15 outside the country.

Thanks for looking!

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Jamie S. Rich said...

FYI to interested parties: The Madame Xanadu page has sold.