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MARCH 2013: Joëlle's commission list is currently full and we won't be taking any new assignments for the time being. This could change in the coming months, so keep an eye on this space. You can also message to be on a notification list to get an e-mail when slots open. Until then, please catch Joëlle at conventions or buy original art pages from the books. THANKS!


A note from Jamie Rich on how to acquire Joëlle's original art:

Hi, everyone. Breaking in here to give details on how you can buy pages from Joëlle's comics or get commissions.

We're happy to announce that we recently partnered with Cadence Comic Art to handle a good portion Joëlle's original pages. Cadence is the fine art dealer currently repping such talented artists as Becky Cloonan, Christopher Mitten, Mike Norton, Rafael Albuquerque, and House of Night cover artist Jenny Frison. They offer a great deal to artists, handling the work of selling and shipping the art while still making sure the creator gets the lion's share of the money.

Currently, Cadence is the only place you can buy Joëlle's art other than through myself or her that directly links back to the source. So, rest assured, if you buy from them, you're really buying from her. If there are pages you don't see on Cadence, drop either them or us a line and we can let you know if they are still available. There is plenty more than what is featured there, including pages from Token and Troublemaker.

Click on their logo to go straight to Joëlle's gallery.

Commissions will still be booked through this site. You can e-mail us at joellejonesart[a]gmail[.]com and we can set you up. Joëlle usually has a queue going, and it takes an average of six months to complete a commission. Sometimes less, sometimes more, but prepare to be patient. She always comes through and the business is always appreciated, but know up front that commissions have to be balanced with publication deadlines, which may have to take a higher priority. Take a look at past commissions and you'll see they're worth the wait.

The standard prices for black-and- white drawings are as follows:

* starting at app. 9" x 12" 1 Character Pinup: - $50

* starting at app. 9" x 12" 2 Characters/More Detail: - $75

* app. 11" x 17" Team Shot/Big Action: - $100 and up, depending on detail

Sizes are a ballpark start; some drawings will end up varying from the norm. Joëlle often likes to experiment with different paper.

For color illustrations, prices are double. Joëlle generally works in water colors, but she may consider other mediums depending on the project.

We no longer accept portrait commissions. Sorry.

We accept payment by check or money order, or if you’re hanging out online, Paypal. Once again, sock us with an e-mail, and we’ll set it up. Shipping in the U.S. is $10, and it's $20 international for regular postage, $45 for international priority mail. Anything other than regular mail will also be paid for by the buyer.

The commission list will be closed from time to time if Joëlle needs time to catch up. In which case, we can opt to hold your name until she is ready again.


While we were cleaning out the archives and organizing, we discovered we have some older daily doodles and the like to sell. Prices are before shipping (same rates apply as above):

* Skydoll pencil drawing - $40 [seen above]
* Modesty Blaise head shot - $50
* Polly from Polly & the Pirates - $60

We also have limited quantities remaining of Joëlle's vintage ad prints available for sale. Details on how to purchase are here.

e-mail us : joellejonesart[a]gmail[.]com

Thanks! - Jamie

[updated 3/4/2013]

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