Monday, August 27, 2007


The Wright Opinion has been running a two-part interview done in tandem with Jamie S. Rich, featuring lots of art from You Have Killed Me and some upcoming short stories. Today's second part also has a drawing I did of Gen13 for Ben Abernathy at Wildstorm, a project that didn't happen because of timing. Here are more character sheets I did at the same time:

Read the interview: Part 1, Part 2


steve said...

Hey Joelle,

Don't know the characters names, but I really dig the 3rd and 4th pages. The poses are really nice, and I like the expression you were able to capture.

Ken said...

3rd is Sarah Rainmaker a.k.a. Rainmaker

4th is Robert "Bobby" Lane a.k.a. Burnout

and that is some great stuff

kanedadb said...

i am from Brazil, and i am not very good in english, but i have to say, you are very good, i see your work in 12 reasons to love her, and is very good.

Maryanne said...

Joelle, if all was right with the world they'd have you on Gen13 all the time. With scheduled time off for Jamie/Joelle (Jaimelle? Joelmie?) books, of course.
Ah, how I loved Gen13. You'd be perfect for it, really.