Thursday, August 16, 2007


A list of prices and available pages from 12 Reasons Why I Love Her can now be downloaded from the sidebar to your right.

This piece was commissioned at Comic-Con, but was actually drawn back home when the show was over.

And since we're talking Spidey, this Gwen Stacey drawing is from earlier this year.


steve said...

[re:12 Reasons pages]

You're determined to take all of my money, aren't you! :p

I kid... I'm going to have to pull out my book and take a look at what you have available. I remember some specific pages I really liked, but not the numbers. I'll get back to you.

Is it wrong of me to love seeing my Gwen posted here and other places on the net? :D

You're the best Joelle!

Anonymous said...

Woah you are an amazing artist!!
I absolutely love SpiderMan & have fallen in love with your "Kiss of the Spider-Man" Comic. Fantastic job!!
X Spidey (Kala, N.Z)