Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Still have a few sketches left to show.

Here are two stages of Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman inked

Click through on the inks to see a larger version.


Anonymous said...

Great sketches from the con. I work at a comic shop in Tulsa and picked up 12 reasons why i love her through diamond because I'm a huge Jamie Rich fan. Loved the collaboration! Quick question... Are there anymore 12 reasons shirts left? I would love to buy one if there was one available. Just wondering. Keep up the amazing work. Cheers! Adam.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Atom, there are shirts left, and we're going to post a list of sizes and color as soon as we get a chance to put them together.

- Jamie

Anonymous said...


Jean Michel said...

Hi, Joelle, I was actually just wondering what type of paper and ink do you use? Is i just a brush and india ink or are you using something else? I've never been very adept at inking and I'm now just starting to get a feel for it.