Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Curt Swan's Supergirl

The buyer wanted a Supergirl based on Curt Swan's version of the character.


Anonymous said...

I would rather see Joëlle Jones's version of Supergirl. Isn't is strange that someone would commission you to draw in someone else's style?

Jamie S. Rich said...

I think you're misinterpreting. The person who bought the commission asked for the specific costume that Swan and Jim Mooney drew, not that Joëlle adapt her personal style. I think the piece looks entirely like Joëlle.

With a lot of these characters, fans have specific eras they prefer. I have even learned to ask when signing up the commissions, just to be safe.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, thanks for that helpful clarification. Although I have been reading comics for many years, I have never been to conventions nor seen how these commission transactions happen. I agree that this drawing does look like Joëlle's usual style (though I am a little overwhelmed by the size of Supergirl's chest).

Still, if I was going to commission a drawing of my favorite superheroine, I would ask Joëlle to make-up a new costume, because that is more fun!