Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Okay, so this should be a pretty accurate schedule for how things will be at the show. Most of the time will be split between Oni Press' booth, #1833, and my own table in Artist's Alley, #HH-13. The Oni signings will be with Jamie S. Rich. For more on his schedule, check his site.

Remember, you can order art now, prebook info is here.


* 1-1:45 - Oni Press Signing
* 5-5:45 - Oni Press Signing

NOTE: There is also a good chance I could be at the Tr!ckster "Drink n' Pen" event either Wednesday or Thursday, maybe both. Read up on Tr!ckster here.

* 1-1:45 - Oni Press Panel -Room 32AB - We aren't officially on this, but likely we'll be visiting if time permits.

* 3-3:45 - Oni Press Signing
* 5-5:45 - Oni Press Signing

* 11-11:45 - Oni Press Signing

* 2:30-3:30 pm - Art of the Graphic Novel Panel (ROOM 24ABC)

The Art of the Graphic Novel— Andrew Farago (curator, Cartoon Art Museum) talks with graphic novelists Chester Brown (Paying for It), Seymour Chwast (Dante's Divine Comedy), Eric Drooker (Blood Song), Joyce Farmer (Special Exits, A Memoir), Joëlle Jones (Troublemaker), Jason Shiga (Empire State: A Love Story (Or Not)), and Craig Thompson (Habibi) about their work in the genre that has elevated comics to mainstream bookstores all over the world. Room 24ABC

6-6:45 - Oni Press Signing

* 11-11:45 - Oni Press signing

* 2-3:00 - Spotlight on Joëlle Jones

Since her debut illustrating 12 Reasons Why I Love Her in 2006, Comic-Con special guest Joëlle Jones has been one of comics' most talked-about new artists. Get in on the conversation as Jones sits down with journalist Erik Henriksen and her long-time collaborator Jamie S. Rich to discuss her various projects from Oni Press, Vertigo, and Dark Horse and what it's like to draw Dr. Horrible, Madman, and Spider-Man. Room 4

* 3:30-4:30 post-panel signing - Autograph Area 7 (AA7)

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