Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have 9 complete sets of prints leftover from Comic Con, and I want to offer them on the blog first.

These are six prints, printed on nice photo paper, full color, and at a frameable 8" X 10" size.

They are numbered, and can be signed on request; however, the sets are not all matching numbers. We tried to put together as many matching ones in each set as possible, but I think only one remaining is a full run.

The price of each set is $100 plus $6 for postage/fees, etc.

If you are interested, e-mail us at joellejonesart[a]gmail[dot]com

Thanks for this photo go to Steve Sunu, who already has them hanging on his wall!

Also, check out who made the cover of the Portland Mercury this week. And while you're there, read the article by Sarah Mirk about Portland folks at Comic Con!


Tally said...

Nice!!!!! Mercury cover ftw!

Ralph- said...

How much longer do we have to wait to find out who this lady it?

Brian Cook said...

So good! Just saw the cover this week - had never heard of your stuff. Absolutely love it! I will need to check out some of your comics for sure. Always looking for inspiration from other local artists! Keep it up!

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