Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hey, everyone. Comic Con is two weeks away! I will be a special guest at the show this year. This means I'll have a table assigned to me (Artist Alley HH-13), some panels, etc., and that my time at the show will be irregular. This may make it even more important for folks to order sketches ahead. I only have 5 in my queue so far, so there is room.

Sketches: If you want a sketch, set it up through Jamie at golightly[a]gmail[dot]com. He will keep the master list. My convention prices are:

* $40 for black and white, one character - $10 each additional character
* $80 color - $20 each additional character

I will be there all five days, Wednesday through Sunday. I can take commissions and sketch in books at the show, but that will be depending on the queue of any given day.

Other Merchandise: I will also have some books to sell and am working on some goodies. I am hoping to have some prints featuring the recent fake ads I have been doing; depending on how the con goes, we will sell leftovers online. I am also looking into postcard sets.

Original Art: I'll also try to bring some pages, but if there is something you want specifically, it might be good to e-mail ahead to make sure.

Appearances: The full event schedule has not been posted yet, but I am on panels both Saturday and Sunday.

* Saturday, 2:30-3:30 pm: "The Art of the Graphic Novel" with Chester Brown, Craig Thompson, and others in Room 24ABC
* Sunday, 2-3:00 pm: "Spotlight on Joëlle Jones," hosted by Erik Henriksen and featuring Jamie S. Rich in Room 4, followed by a signing in Autograph Area 7 from 3:30 to 4:30 pm

Of course, check the official schedule when it's out to make sure none of this changed. I will also post further updates, including the location of my regular table [update: Artist Alley HH-13) and any scheduled Oni signings to help people find me. Jamie's e-mail will also be good for getting in touch, as he will be checking it more regularly than I will once we are there.

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Doug Dorr said...

Congrats. Have fun.